Power Electronics Research Group

Professor David Perreault


David Perreault

Professor of Electrical Engineering

Eliza Grisanti

Administrative Assistant

David Otten

Principal Research Engineer

Rachel Yang

Research Assistant

Amanda Jackson

Research Assistant

Mohammad Qasim

Research Assistant

Mihir Shevgaonkar
Research Assistant

Khandoker N. Rafa Islam
Research Assistant

Mansi Joisher
Research Assistant

Julia Estrin
Research Assistant


Xin Zan

Assistant Professor at University of Maryland

Anas Al Bastami

Research Assistant

Jessica Boles

Assistant Professor at UC Berkeley

Rod Bayliss

Graduate Research Assistant at UC Berkeley

Mike Ranjram

Assistant Professor at Arizona State University

Haoquan Zhang

Research Assistant

Taylor Barton

Associate Professor at the University of Colorado Boulder

David Giuliano

Chief Scientist and Founder, Arctic Sand, Inc.

Yehui Han

Assistant Professor at the University of Wisconsin-Madison

Jackie Hu

Senior Product Manager, Google

Wei Li

Engineering Manager, Apple

Ian Lorilla

Senior Engineer, Bosch

Joshua Phinney

Principal Engineer, Exponent Failure Analysis Associates, Inc.

Brandon Pierquet

Senior Hardware Engineering Manager, Apple

Robert Pilawa-Podgursky

Associate Professor at UC Berkeley

Juan Rivas-Davila

Assistant Professor at Stanford University

Anthony Sagneri

Electrical Engineering Consultant, Orthoganal Power, LLC

Sai Chun Tang

Senior Principal Scientist, Resonant Link

Seungbum Lim

Hardware Engineer, Apple

Samantha Gunter

Electrification V2x Technical Specialist, GM

Wardah Inam

Co-Founder and CEO, Overjet

Minjie Chen

Assistant Professor, Princeton University

Alexander Jurkov

Senior Principal Scientist, MKS Instruments

Juan Antonio Santiago-Gonzalez

De-Ice, Inc.

Zheng (Gus) Zhang

Lecturer, University of Manchester, UK

Alex Hanson

Assistant Professor, University of Texas at Austin

Yiou He

Vice President of Product Development, Rotor